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Pockie Saints-Battle With Your Best Friends From the World!

One of Pockie Saints’ exciting features is the skills;

Each class in the game has its own skill tree that leads to various amazing moves, enabling you to launch dazzling attacks.

Warrior Skill:

Shatter Slam

Strike enemy with your heavy weapon.

Heavy Smash

Smash into your enemy.


Turn into frenzy, increasing attack but reducing defense.


Greatly increase Max HP.


Attract enemies around to attack you.

Battle Cry

Greatly increase the defense of you and allies.

Armor Shred

A powerful strike with a chance to break target’s armor, reducing its defense.

Ground Smash

A smash into ground, with a chance to stun targets.


Greatly reduce the damage you take.


Your howl causes damage to target and makes it frozen.

Violent Crush

Charge at enemies and cause great damage.


Cause great damage to target and increase hit rate.

Shattering Blade

Attack target and cause great damage.


Greatly increase speed.

Glaive Storm

Cause great damage to enemies within an area.


Teleport to a target

Assassin Skill:

Assassin Dagger

Basic moves for Assassins.

Shuffling Stab

A sudden strike that causes damage.

Ghost Stab

Strike from shadow, with a chance to cause multiplied damage.


Increase Critical rate.

Battle Station

Increase Hit rate.

Blood Poison

Poison target to make it bleed.

Death Inspire

Increase Critical rate of you and allies.

Stealth Attack

Sneak attack with a chance to make target faint.

Poison Blast

Splash poisonous liquid with a chance for critical.

Death Glaive

Throw daggers to damage targets around and slow them as well.


Strangle your enemy to cause damage.


Increase Dodge rate.

Deadly Poison

Poison target to make it bleed.


Make target blind, reducing its hit rate.

Death Strike

Let your enemy feel the terror of death.

Shadow Dance

Teleport to a target.

Mage Skill:

Frozen Arrows

Shoot a frozen arrow to cause damage to target.

Icicle Blast

Shoot a giant ice spine to target and cause damage.


An iceshield that absorbs damage.

Icy Blood

Increase MP and Attack.


Normal healing to a single target.

Ice Storm

Summon an ice storm to attack targets within an area.

Ice Enchant

Increase the attack of allies around.

Ice Burst

Cause damage to target and reduce its attack.

Icy Gale

Reduce the speed of enemies within an area.


Forbid all targets within an area to use skill.

Iceorb Blast

Release an iceorb to cause great damage to target.

Advanced Healing

Advanced healing to you and allies around.


Freeze target, causing damage and reduce its speed.

Frost Chain

Tie the target with frost chain, causing great damage and reduce its speed.

Ice Howl

Summon a destructive ice howl that causes great damage to targets within an area.

Magic Flash

Teleport to a target.


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